Holidays and Whisky Advent Calendars for the Men in your life

The holidays are upon us! It’s time to get out there and buy an advent calendar. If you’ve a man or 3 in your household then chocolate may not be the best option.. fun for sure but not what they want.. maybe try to have a look at a Whisky Advent?

Santa does need a wee bit of fun in his busy life after all!

Here’s a few that caught my eye recently!

You can spend a lot or a little for a wee bit o’ fun!
there is of course so much choice.. following is some of the better ones I would be adding to a wishlist this year.

About the Whisky Advent Calender above by “Drinks by the Dram”

  • This glorious Advent Calendar houses 24 different wax-sealed 30ml samples of glorious whisky from a selection of brilliant producers
  • The selection has been carefully picked by the Drinks by the Dram team for your pleasure. The perfect way to delve into the category or it would make a great gift for any whisky fan in your life
  • Four designs to choose from. Each containing the same lip smacking collection of drams
  • Eco-friendly & compostable packaging
  • Please note: There’s a chance that some contents may change, but have no fear, friends. The 24 drams you’ll find in your Advent Calendar will always be of appropriate value and slot into the assortment seamlessly